WW1 German Aircraft Camouflage A5 Notebook

World War 1 German Aircraft Camouflage A5 Notebook

During the last two years of World War 1, the Imperial German Air Force (Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte) and other air forces of the Central Powers developed a new form of camouflage: the Flugzeugstoff, or lozenge pattern, which appeared on many aircraft types in 4 or 5 colour variations. As with all camouflage it attempts to mislead the enemy combatant into not seeing the outline of the aircraft clearly against the background of the terrain over which it is flying by using a combination of light and dark colours in defined shapes. If you were to place this notebook in an environment for which the camouflage has been designed it would blend in quite effectively. Send in a photo of your notebook to us at Basic Six in a variety of backgrounds to test this!

The notebook pages have a mix of plain and lined pages to be adaptable to a variety of uses. 

  • A5 size (pages are 148 x 210 mm)
  • Perfect for a rucksack or laptop bag
  • 120 sheets of 80gsm paper
  • Left hand page is plain, right hand page is lined
  • Great for sketches, drawings, notes or for designing your perfect aeroplane!
  • Black satin ribbon page mark
  • Elastic strap to keep the notebook closed
  • Opens flat
  • Hardback

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