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Royal Air Force Museum, London and Cosford.

November 24, 2014

Royal Air Force Museum, London and Cosford.

Royal Air Force Museum

 Basic Six are excited to announce the inclusion in the RAF Museum's on-line shop of our aviation t-shirts and A5 notebooks. They join an array of great aviation related products sold by the RAF Museum shop.

The Royal Air Force Museum was opened in 1972 and has two locations: Hendon in London and Cosford in Shropshire.

With over 100 aircraft on display at the London site and over 70 in Shropshire they are a journey through every development in aviation design and technology. They are not just static museums though as they are constantly having all sorts of aviation related events all year round. The Royal Air Force Museum is one of the finest aviation museums in the world and we would recommend several visits.


Royal Air Force Museum London,
Grahame Park Way,

0208 205 2266

Royal Air Force Museum Cosford,
TF11 8UP

01902 376 200

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